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Salty Leis Ladies

Three music loving, festival going, fun seeking ladies!!! Salty Leis started when The Salty Leis (Tisha Marincovich, Kelli Trocchio and Cindy Perkins) were standing in line at a food truck during a beer festival. They were starving and the lines were 30 people deep. They looked at each other and wished they just had a little snack. As festival regulars, they knew what needed to be done. At that moment, Salty Leis was born. Using a stick in the dirt the logo was drawn and they haven't looked back since.

Our Product

All Salty Leis are created with top notch ingredients. A salty/sweet combination to satisfy any tastebud. Add customization and you have a real treat. Each lei is packaged for freshness. 

Perfect for graduations, end-of-the-year celebrations, party favors, beer/wine festivals, sporting events, concerts and so much more. 

*Re-Packaged in a Home Kitchen

County of Orange


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